Frequently Asked Questions

Can we Bring a Dog?

We are really sorry - we love dogs too, but we are not allowed dogs on site, and we've made it our policy not to have dogs on our boats, 

Are there toilets on board?

Our boats do not have toilet facilities on board.  There are often WC's at the locks and public facilities in more built up areas.
We have WC's on our site that customers can use.

Do we have to be able to swim?

Adults must be able to swim at least 25 metres.
Everybody going on our boats will be provided with a buoyancy aid. 

Smaller children (min age 2 years) who are unable to swim will be provided with a full 100 Newton life jacket, rather than a buoyancy aid.

Do you take deposits?

We have decided not to take deposits. However, if someone is negligent with our boats - which means that they cause damage or leave in an unacceptable state - we will charge the amount to rectify or clean - for more details, customers should read our Hirer Terms and Conditions

Can we drink alcohol?

We don't mind people having the odd drink on our boats. We will not tolerate drunkenness or unruly behaviour on our site or on our boats - and we will terminate the hire immediately at any point we suspect this to be the case, on grounds of safety and respect for other river users. 

Do you have covid 19 rules?

Yes. Like every business these days, we have a thorough Covid 19 Policy.
This covers things like cancellations, customer protection and rules of booking along with staff protection and cleaning protocols.

You will be outside for all of the time once you visit us and go on our boats which reduces the risks.

Our Covid 19 Policy is available to see on our Home Page. 

Can we rent outside normal hours?

We would have to discuss this at the time and we are open to the possibilty if practical for us to achieve. 

Can we smoke on your boats?

Our boats and site operate a strictly NO SMOKING policy

Do we need experience to drive your boats?

No. Our boats are simple to drive and we will give full instructions on how to operate safely and how to travel correctly on the river and what to do in the locks. 

Can you take children?

Yes, we love renting our boats to families. We must have at least two adults on board our boats when there are children onboard. 
We do have an age limit of two years old. 

Do you supply life jackets?

Everyone coming on our boats will be provided with a buoyancy aid. 

Children who are not able to swim, or who are not confident swimmers will be provided with a life jacket rather than a buoyancy aid. 

Do you rent by the hour?

We promote our boats for full day rentals (and on some days half days).
If you wish to hire for an hour or so, please contact us. 

Do your boats have rain or sun covers?

No. At the moment, our boats are completely open.

Customers should prepare for British Summer weather! 

Will I fall in?

We do not want ANYONE falling in from our boats. 

We will give you some guidance on how to safely operate and get on an off our boats. 

We provide buoyancy aids for everyone in the event of an accident.

How far can we Travel in a day?

Our boats are electric and are designed for gentle cruising!

Our boats can be driven for up to 7 hours per day - so you can go up to Hambleden and back or Cookham and back in normal conditions.

Can you Provide a skipper?

Yes, with plenty of notice and at an extra charge, we can provide a qualified skipper. 

Is there a minimum age to hire?

Yes. There must be someone 25 years or above on the boat. And there must be at least two adults 25+ to take a boat out.
We reserve the right to ask for photo ID on the day if we deem it necessary. 


Can we bring a baby?

We have to provide a life jacket for everybody.  The minimum age is 2 years. If we cannot fit a life jacket properly to a person, they are unable to go on our boats.

Can we bring a picnic?

Yes! We think that bringing your own food for the day is the best way to enjoy our boats. You can find places to moor up, have your picnic on the side, or eat as you go along. 

Can we Hire for 2 days or more?

This is possible, but our boats have to be charged over night, so we would need to speak to you and arrange by phone. 

What happens if its rainy?

If the weather is looking awful, we do not expect people to want to go out on an open boat and we are happy to re-schedule to another day. 
If this is not possible, then the company will be fair and refund. 

After all, it's supposed to be fun!

Can we cancel a booking?

We have a full cancellation policy, which includes things like, if it's raining and COVID 19 cancellations.

Details are HERE

As a company, we try to be as fair as we can.

What happens if the boat breaks down?

Our boat motors are new and well maintained. 

With anything mechanical, unforeseen problems can happen, and particularly when the motor is hidden under water. 

If it is deemed that the problem is down to us, and you day has been compromised, we will do our best to make everything right for you!